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Progressive ASP Client Utility Downloads

Systems using Progressive IRIS software
Install Type Size Version Last Updated
Interactive - Initial install or Upgrade 600 KB 4.6.12 Jan 10, 2019
Download - Initial Install 23 MB
Download - Upgrade 6 MB


The ASP Client Utilities are required when running Clearview in ASP mode. This version will install Progressive specific software.

The following programs will be installed on your PC:

  • Clearview FTP
  • Clearview Dashboard
  • Clearview Format Program (Progressive Specific)

Installation Procedure:

  1. Begin the download by clicking the filename from the list above.
  2. A File Download prompt will appear. When prompted "What would you like to do with this file?". If you are running the "Over Web" method please choose "Run this program from its current location" otherwise you should select "Save this program to disk" after which you will be prompted to select the location on your PC where you would like to store the install file.
  3. A Security Warning prompt may appear. When prompted, please choose Yes.
  4. The installation program will start automatically once the file has been downloaded (if you chose the "Over Web" method). If you chose the FULL method you will have to launch the install program from the directory that you selected in the "Save As" dialog in the previous step.
  5. Follow the on-screen prompts:
    1. Installation program will ask for the Start menu group to create. "Clearview" can be left as the default.
    2. If this is a first time installation, you will be prompted to provide parameter information for the store(s) being setup. Click the Update button once all parameters have been entered.
      1. Store Number: enter the number of the store.
      2. POS Vendor: select the POS vendor this store is using.
      3. Connection Type: either Dial-up or LAN. Choose LAN if a dedicated Internet connection is present.
      4. Dial-up Connection: required if Connection Type is Dial-up.
      5. FTP Home Dir: Enter the directory as specified by the Clearview staff.
      6. FTP Auth Key: Enter the authorization key as specified by the Clearview staff.
      7. More info on these parameters can be accessed by clicking the Help button while using the Parameter Update program.
  6. Installation of the program is now complete.

Version History:

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