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Financial Reporting

Precise Insight into your Business

Gain precise insight into your stores’ financial performance to maximize profits with Clearview
Franchises and multi-unit restaurant operations are complex high-volume businesses. The sheer volume of associated data about sales, inventory, food and labor costs, and cash management can be overwhelming, making it difficult to get the clear view of store, regional, and enterprise performance you need to run your organization strategically.

Clearview from Quick Service Software is the industry’s leading software-as-a-service back-office software suite, purpose-built for the quick-service and fast-casual restaurant business. Clearview’s flexible and easy-to-use financial management features give franchisors and multi-unit owner-operators a clear, accurate view of costs, sales, cash, and other organizational metrics to help them maximize the profit from every dollar earned.

Clearview helps quick-service franchisors and owner-operators:

  • Gain insight into sales patterns, food and labor costs, and more
  • Multi unit consolidated reporting to allow for easy comparisons and a single view of your business
  • Custom grouping of restaurants allows for all reporting tools to display results instantly for “Like stores”, “Regional Breakdowns” or any other grouping method your organization requires
  • Live sales monitoring allows for pinpoint precision and management to make on the fly decisions based on current trend analysis
  • Monitor cash +/- trends across cashiers, registers, restaurants, custom restaurant groups or full business consolidation
  • Easy Rent, Advertising and Royalty calculations and reporting saves management time and effort
  • Forecast sales effectively based on detailed, accurate data with customization options ranging from promo management that influences forecasted menu mix to local activity that may influence time of day sales volume
  • Implement consistent best practices across every store
  • Flexible accounting interfacing allowing you to export financial information to most leading accounting packages
  • Flexible period reporting allows for Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Year to Date, Annual and Custom date range reporting with options to compare to previously achieved results inside similar periods inside current or previous years
  • Access the vital back-office information you need—anytime, anywhere
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