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Food Cost Management

Reduce Food and Waste Costs

Drive down food costs and sharpen inventory management with Clearview
Food costs are crucial for quick-service restaurants, where small inefficiencies can quickly add up and eat into your bottom line. With more precise food cost management, you can eliminate excess inventory and decrease waste, increasing margins at every store.

Clearview from Quick Service Software is the industry’s leading software-as-a-service back-office software suite, purpose-built for the quick-service and fast-casual restaurant business. Clearview’s flexible and easy-to-use food cost management features give franchisors and multi-unit owner-operators a clear, accurate view of food costs to help them maximize the profit from every dollar earned.

Clearview helps quick-service franchisors and owner-operators:

  • Save 2-5% on cost of goods sold
  • Manage food costs at the store level and across multiple units with ease
  • Industry leading 100% full first in first out (F.I.F.O) based inventory cost management solution for both actual usage and theoretical usage
  • Clearview experts manage all existing and future recipes and back office PLU administration for an always up to date and accurate theoretical inventory model that represents target goals for inventory achievement
  • Flexible suggestive ordering tools result in accurate build to and order levels based on upcoming forecasted demand
  • Electronically integrated suppliers keep Clearview always up to date with each of your restaurants specific order guide and pricing
  • Electronic ordering from the Clearview back office solution keeps order time to a minimum and allows management to perform all inventory duties in one single solution which limits training overhead
  • Rapidly and easily identify sources of waste and overstock
  • Single click access to top 20 variances between theoretical and actual usage quickly displays the areas with most room for improvement in portioning/staff consumption of product
  • Implement consistent best practices in food cost management across every store
  • Automated Freezer Pull, Prep and Drop (Cook ahead) chart recommendations based on forecasted sales volume for any ingredient or menu item carried by restaurants help improve customer turnover and limit waste
  • Access the vital back-office information you need — anytime, anywhere
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