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Seamless integration to critical data

To experience the full power and benefit of Clearview’s quick-service back-office suite, Clearview must be closely tied to the other systems and software in use in your restaurants: your POS systems, supply chain, accounting software, and payroll partners. As part of your implementation, Quick Service Software’s team will integrate Clearview with internal and external systems to create a seamless hub for all of your food cost, labor, and financial data and management.

  • Point-of-sale (POS) system integration: Clearview integrates with a wide range of POS systems and can accommodate multiple POS systems within the same implementation with ease. With POS integration, orders entered at the point of sale feed automatically into Clearview, which calculates sales and material usage for food costing and financial reporting. Most POS interfaces also incorporate timecard extract capability.
  • Supply-chain integration: Integration with your suppliers enables automatic electronic order placement, saving time for store managers. Managers can either create their own orders or use Clearview’s optimized order suggestions based on sales patterns and on-hand stock. Clearview automatically generates and submits the purchase order. Prices from suppliers are automatically updated each day, and deliveries, invoices, and credits are all tracked in the system for you.
  • Accounting and payroll integration: Integration with accounting software enables Clearview to supply these systems with comprehensive financial data, including sales, food costs, labour figures, debits, credits, cash, and more, saving time and reducing error in financial management. Integration with your payroll partner systems allows Clearview to push complete and accurate labour data and wage rates automatically to these systems for problem-free payroll.
  • Franchise Corporate Portal integration for quick and easy submission of achieved sales and other KPI’s
  • Online access: As a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, Clearview is accessible anytime, anywhere, with web access. Integration with other systems expands the range of data and functions available to you through Clearview online—view data fed from POS systems, place orders while on the move, and more.
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