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Labor Management

Optimize Resources for your Business

Optimize scheduling and staffing levels and reduce labor costs with Clearview
To keep quick-service businesses operating smoothly and delivering great guest experiences, you need the right number of staff with the right skills working at the right time. Too many staff on, and labor costs cut into profits. Too few, and the customer experience and brand image are compromised.

Clearview from Quick Service Software is the industry’s leading software-as-a-service back-office software suite, purpose-built for the quick-service and fast-casual restaurant business. Clearview’s flexible and easy-to-use labor management features help franchisors and multi-unit owner-operators manage their staffing levels and human resources activities for optimal efficiency and minimal labor costs.

Clearview helps quick-service franchisors and owner-operators:

  • Save 1-3% on labor costs
  • Optimize staffing levels for each and every period of the day and each day of the week
  • Build automated schedules based on each stores targets in comparison to forecasted sales
  • Maintain detailed employee profiles that track skills, training, availability, target hours, history, and more
  • Automated emailing of employee schedules upon schedule completion
  • Employee Portal website allows staff to view schedules, messages and news bulletins from management
  • Ensure the right mix of skills is on the clock at all times to ensure every shift runs smoothly
  • Implement consistent best practices in labor management across all locations
  • Automatically calculate overtime and statutory rules related to holidays based on regional regulation
  • Flexible Payroll interfacing allowing you to export time card information to many payroll providers
  • Manage human resource processes such as regular employee reviews, training and certification, vacation requests, pay increases, awards, and more
  • Detailed Reporting on all aspects of Labor to provide you insight
  • Access for operators and staff to information portal and vital labor information you need — anytime, anywhere

Our Labor solution can be deployed as part of a complete back office suite or it can also be used stand alone for businesses that want a labor only - Time and Attendance solution. See to learn more about Workforce Scheduling & Management.

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