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Reporting & Intelligence

Provide Franchisors & Operators Enterprise Insight

Clearview collects rich food, labor, and financial data that delivers insights at the store, multi-unit operation, and corporate franchisor level. As a complete back-office solution purpose-built for the quick-service industry, Clearview comes with a wide range of pre-built views and reports designed to give multi-unit owner-operators and franchisors the consolidated picture of cross-unit operations they need to make strategic decisions, spot trends, identify issues, and reward successes.

  • Multi-store views and reporting: Clearview is designed to enable franchisors and multi-unit owner-operators to easily view or report on many units at once, slicing and dicing data in the manner they prefer. Multiple restaurants or operators can be easily viewed side-by-side, allowing for easy performance comparisons and rapid identification of variances. High-level consolidated data can be drilled down into with a simple click to view data at a greater level of detail.
  • Strategic performance analysis: Consolidated Clearview data and reporting tools give management near-real-time data on what’s selling, where, and when, allowing for greater business insight and performance tracking and more informed menu and marketing decisions. This data allows corporate offices to immediately see which marketing promotions, special offers, and products are having an impact on the bottom line and which ones aren’t—in time to make prompt strategic adjustments when and where they’re needed.
  • Enhanced franchisee and store support: Clearview’s franchisor and owner-operator reporting and analysis tools empower corporate management to better help their stores and franchisees succeed. Clearview’s side-by-side comparative views allow franchisors and owner-operators to pinpoint specific issues, stores, or franchisees that could benefit from additional training and mentorship, as well as single out high performers for recognition and congratulations.
  • Custom dashboards and reports: Quick Service Software’s expert professional services team can create the custom views, reports, and business intelligence system integrations you need to meet your strategic objectives and manage your restaurants and franchisees more effectively.
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